Preparation Classes

Studying Abroad

We highly recommend signing up for the Preparation to Study in Abroad. It will provide you with information about the study abroad process and the practical aspects of studying abroad. It will not teach you how to live in a specific host country, but it will provide you with the resources necessary to maximize your learning experience both during your time abroad and when you return home. You will do research to tailor this class experience to fit your individual needs in relation to a chosen host culture. General intercultural communication techniques, vital in preparing you for the different views, values, and customs you may encounter will be integrated into class discussion.

Jobs Interview

This course is designed to help you develop skills and perspectives to enable you to get the most out of your work experiences. You wouldn't go into an exam without revising and being as well prepared as possible. The same applies to an interview. 
Don't go to interview without getting properly prepared. An interview is not an exam; there is no pass mark. It's a competition, and you need to beat the competition by being prepared, know what's asked and how to answer, how to score and much, much more. Let us help you perform to your very best at interview